Useful organisations, sites, online communities and resources for Bujinkan Martial Arts.

Jake’s students are directly responsible for the following Bujinkan Martial Art Classes:


Bujinkan Cambridge Dojo

Head Instructor: Simon Grant

Bujinkan Ely Dojo

Head: Rick Pridmore

Bujinkan Peterborough Dojo

Head: Rick Pridmore

Instructor: Damien Damian Reddy

Bujinkan Colchester Dojo

Head: Andy Young

Bujinkan Tempsford Dojo

Head: Simon Grant

Bujinak Ipswich

Head: Gabriel Tamaya

Bujinakan West Ipswich

Head: Andy Young

 Bujinkan Kings Lynn

Head: Kevin Feeny


Dojo & Organisation links


Bujinkan Hombu Dojo

The website of Soke Hatsumi’s dojo the Grandmaster of the Bujinkan.

Bujinkan Crawley Dojo

 Training on Thursdays, Run by Alastair Gould

Bujinkan Pedro Fleitas Dojo

Pedro Fleitas Gonzalez Site, one of the greatest Bujinkan practitioners.

Bujinkan Kouryuu Dojo

Norman Smithers’ dojo. Norman’s a fantastic martial artist, it’s well worth visiting both his website and his dojo.

Bujinkan Meehan Dojo

Alex Meehan’s Dojo. Well worth a visit, both on the web and to train with.

George Ohashi

Lots of useful information about training at the Hombu or nearby Dojo.


Bujinkan Britain

Formerly Bujinkan Great Britain, and a large organisation in England headed

up by some very experienced instructors.

The Bujinkan Mushin Dojo Ringstead

Committed to teaching Budo Taijutsu as it has been passed down from Soke Masaaki Hatsumi, 34th generation Grandmaster of 9 different ryuha, or styles, taught together as Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu. Budo Taijutsu is translated as “warrior way of body movement” and is focused on balance, distance, timing and flow. Developing these qualities so that this art is dynamic and can be applied to everyday life, and not just as sport or a “living history” study.

Bujinkan Midkent Dojo was founded in April 1998.

The instructor at Midkent Dojo is Stephen Boddy.

Stephen started training in the Bujinkan in 1993. Since then he has travelled many times around Europe and to Japan to learn from Hatsumi-sensei and other leading teachers. He trains regularly with Peter King, the senior instructor in the UK and attends seminars around the country to learn from other visiting teachers.

Mirko Ostojics Dojo Budo Principles



Other sites, Online Communities & Resources

Kutaki No Mura
A Bujinkan Bulletin Board

The Winjutsu Page
A lot of good links from this page.



Martial Art Shopping


Bujinkan Martial Arts Training Gear -Newbury Dojo

Recommended training weapons

Turner Sports

Good medium weight gi elastic waist

Tabi on eBay

This eBay store sells genuine indoor Tabi, recommended for training, and usually quite hard to get hold of outside Japan.

Another useful website that sells Gis and other martial arts related stuff.

Nine Circles
Primarily an Iaido and Kendo store, but that does mean they sell decent wooden swords, and some other kit thats useful for us, too.

New online Bujinkan Store, listing UK seminars, Dojos and a supply for various training weapons, clothing etc


Buninkan and other Martial arts weapons, books, clothing and gifts

Budo Buki

Great padded training weapons